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One of the most important issues in the beauty and attractiveness of each person’s face is having thick eyebrows with a shape that fits the person’s face. In order to have eyebrows with the mentioned features, people take actions such as tattoos or hats with non-specialists, which in addition to not having a good and desired result, can also have many side effects. We also need to know that getting a tattoo is irreversible, and if you don’t have the consent to clean it, it will take a lot of time and money.

What to do to have high density eyebrows with the desired shape?

Natural Eyebrow Transplantation

Benefits of eyebrow transplantation at Dr. Raftari Hair Transplant Clinic
  • Perform eyebrow removal and Transplantation in one session
  • No need for anesthesia
  • With the least amount of pain and bleeding
  • Natural hair growth and direction of sleep
  • Wounds disappear after a week
  • Proper density
  • Hair removal with nano needles (German and American)
  • with micro FIT technology

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